Read this Killzone shadow fall review and get to know, plot, gameplay, setting and reception of this game. KillZone Shadow Fall is a first-person shooter video game that was released in 2013 only for PlayStation 4 as a launch title. The sixth game of the KillZone series is supposed to take place 30 years after the last game and it has a wide variety of new characters. The main character is Lucas Kellan, who needs to investigate a dangerous threat in the war among Helghan and Vekta.

It can be played in single player mode and multiplayer mode. The single player mode allows an open ended and there are more customizable features in the multiplayer mode. The setting is planet Helghan in 2370 and the story follows the detonation of precious game, with refugees of planet Helghan now in planet Vekta. Refuges are allowed to colonize their half of the planet divided by The Wall by both sides of the stories perform operation to end the war.

The visuals of the game are amazing and there are different scenarios like shooting corridors missions, space settings, free fall sequences among other. It is very intense and tactical so it keeps you interested until the very end and it received excellent criticism.